ATHENA VOLTAIRE takes place during historic WWII with the heroine fighting Nazis and punching Adolf Hitler on the cover. Diamond refuses to print cover art with a Nazi swastika, including historically accurate uniforms, and forced us to censor the ATHENA VOLTAIRE cover to be printed in Previews.

The December Previews will feature the Athena Voltaire “censored” solicitation. Bryan Seaton, CEO at Action Lab, comments: “We at Action Lab believe that this is one case of censorship goes too far. When we choose to turn a blind eye to the evil atrocities done in history and hide the symbols of that evil, trying to pretend they didn’t exist, we are only a short step from forgetting and allowing it to be repeated. We should not be glorifying these images, but we should never allow history to be forgotten. A period comic showing historically accurate costuming is not the place for censorship.“

The two censored covers are below. An homage to Jack Kirby’s famous Captain America issue 1 cover, both Athena Voltaire covers feature the title character punching a Nazi (in homage to Captain America), with the retro cover including a caption referring to the alt-right.

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