Australia Day Review: Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Real Estate

unnamed (3)G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Realestate by Daniel Watts with letters and layouts by Marie Mour. Proudly self Published.

Two employees of the Intergalactic Real Estate are aliens named Bipp and Trax are summoned by untrustworthy boss Mr. D to collect a special cargo for one of Mr. D’s loyal customers. In addition, Mr. D also hires a bounty hunter by the name of Ink Blackwell to ensure that Bipp and Trax deliver the cargo securely.

All things go as planned until a former employee known as the Black Hornet who is of the same species of alien as Bipp and Trax except he is a lot bigger and is badass in comparison. Black Hornet has a settle to score with Ink Blackwell, their paths had crossed before under such hostility and Hornet seeks revenge and Bipp and Trax are caught in the crossfire!

As many who listen to Flipside Focus, I love my Sci-Fi/space comics and I was eager to pick up this book since I saw images on Facebook. I was surprised when I saw the appearance of this book; it is unorthodox in contrast as it looks like a checkbook! The size caught me by surprise yet I’m not at all disappointed.

The book has wit to it, the characters Bipp and Trax have charm to them. They do have a chip on their shoulder and I guess they need that when they work of a boss like Mr. D. The dialogue between Mr. D and Black Hornet is also interesting to watch and my favorite part of book is the far left column of every page shows the head of three characters of the particular page.
unnamed (2)
I strongly recommend this book for fans of space and cosmic (like myself!), do ya’self a favor and check this out!

Also be on the look out for more stories of Bipp and Trax in the near future!

Having met Daniel at Supanova Brisbane 2016, he is very friendly and approachable. He will be very excited to meet fans at Supanova in the Gold Coast, April 21st to 23rd.

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