Australia Day Review: Hell Bent # 0

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Hellbent # 0 by Ash Madi and Skyla Madi. Proudly published by Tightrope Comics.

Even those who rule are not gratified by their own superiority. They are zealous for more and it can be there undoing..

King Daryan, a man of immense power loses his wife and child due to his association with witchcraft as fear has overruled his ability to think little know lead an army and be a loving husband, father.

All alone, Daryan declines into hopelessness and involves himself deeper into the murky ways of the witch advices. He sells his soul to a matter he cannot undo, he has now forgotten his fear he once felt and is more powerful than he ever imagined and at what cost?

Once you read this book you notice due to its quality it is written by a novelist, Skyla’s in-depth introduction to the book adds depth to the character and the story. The dialogue between Daryan and his wife as well as devil-like character was just as enjoyable to read; the words uses for emotions and motions such as gasp and groan etc. is a bit excessive. Ash’s art is gorgeous, for a first book for a first-time comic book artist this is very decent especially in the action scenes and facial expressions, his art will only get better over time. I’d definately look forward to reading the 1st issue.

The conclusion of this book will no doubt keep you hooked for more!

Think medieval battles and witchcraft, fans of Game of Thrones will definitely enjoy this book, do ya’self a favor and check it out.

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