Australia Day Review: Triumviratus: Chosen

So, in the interest of fair play I should mention that I am not a huge fan of photo manip comic books. For the record, I am not a big fan of most things “swords & sorcery”. That said, here goes;

In this fantasy styled book there are all the familiar elements you would expect to see:-

  • Princess in love – Check
  • Vengeful father – Check
  • Magic – Check
  • A Love lost – Check
  • A Prophecy – Check

Writer / artist Shane W Smith has crafted a story that, well, after reading the book twice, I am not sure what Shane has actually crafted. I totally understand that there is a level of skill in creating this type of book but for me, if I wanted to see this type of graphics I would go play Skyrim or at least watch one of my kids play Skyrim!

Dialogue wise the books also reads as you would probably expect, which depending on whether you are a fan is either a good or bad thing. The computer images are well rendered for the most part although there is a lack of subtle emotions on show. Backgrounds are well detailed in an effort to produce an immersive world. Again, if you like this sort of thing, I am sure that you will be impressed.

Despite my Ashes created blind-spot for Shane’s in general, I recognise that Shane W Smith has put a book together that may well garner a round of fans, even if for me, it’s just not cricket.

Writing -2 Stars
Art -3 Stars


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