Badass Hero is a roguelite platformer shooter where you play inside a comic book. It features fast-paced hit and run gameplay, procedural generation of levels and random items that make every playthrough different, all in extremely polished, modern and high-resolution 2D art.


Core gameplay boils down to shooting enemies with various guns while avoiding projectiles and traps, however we put a lot of effort to make it as dynamic and fast-paced as possible.

We’ve built several systems into the game that reward you for taking risks and taking out enemies aggressively rather than playing cautiously, like combo timer which provides powerful bonuses if you kill enemies quickly enough.




The game references comic books in many ways – the map is a comic book laying on a desk, each level is a separate comic frame, each setting of the game is another issue of

the comic book, the characters speak in comic bubbles etc.

You are able to create your own badass hero, choose his weapons and powers, so you can effectively eliminate tons of enemies, including over 40 epic bosses, on your way through three unique settings. Collect more than 100 items from various issues of the comic book series to increase your chances to be successful in your mission!


You progress in the game on two layers. One is character progression – whenever your character dies, you can upgrade him using ink gained from killed enemies.

Other is your skill – you learn how to play better, figure out enemies behaviors, find out which items are the best and how to use them.

The benefit of such design is that it adapts to your skill level – the only difference between skilled and less skilled players is that they will progress a bit slower, but will still be able to enjoy the game.


  • Comic book setting
  • Action platforming with 360° shooting
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Customizable character
  • Permadeath with character progression
  • 3 unique worlds with total ~40 bosses
  • 100+ collectible items and guns

Badass Hero is scheduled for Q1 2018 and will include Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions. For more information on the game please visit


Awesome Games Studio is an independent game development studio founded in 2009 and based in a beautiful city of Cracow in Poland.

Over the years we developed and self-published multiple games for Steam and Xbox 360. We’re dedicated to staying independent and developing our own IP. We love making games as much as we love playing them.

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