Black History Month is Lit as Rayven Choi Hits ComiXology and Vimeo on Demand this Week

Rayven Choi Takes Flight and Lands Twice in the Realm of Multimedia

This Black History Month, a new superheroine lands in both the film and comic book worlds with the release of Rayven Choi.

Written by, Shequeta L. Smith, Rayven Choi tells the gripping story of an African-American girl who is orphaned and sent to Seoul, Korea in order to preserve her safety. For 20 years, Rayvenhas had to deal with the nightmares of the hit-man who murdered her parents right in front of her and constant fear for her own life. Finally, ready to face her fears, she returns to America fully intent on executing revenge on the hit-man who robbed her of her family and a happy childhood.

Smith is a seasoned filmmaker who beat more than 5,000 entrants to become the only individual female director to reach the Top 20 in HBO’s Project Greenlight. After that, she turned her focus to adapting her award-winning screenplay, Rayven Choi, into a six-part graphic novel series. In an effort to capitalize on the current marriage between the film and comic book worlds, Smith smartly shot an accompanying 14-minute short film to further introduce the graphic novel.

I’ve always thought of Rayven Choi as being historic in bringing together the Korean and African-American cultures, so it’s pretty exciting to be releasing the film and book to the world at the end of the Korean New Year and the beginning of Black History Month,” said Smith.

Rayven Choi Vol. 1: Koreamerican is scheduled to hit the digital stacks of ComiXology on Wednesday February 1, 2017 for $2.99. Simultaneously, Rayven Choi, the 14-minute short film, is scheduled to make its debut on Vimeo on Demand for just $0.99 – with presales having started this past weekend.

Rayven Choi Vol. 1 & 2 is also available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo and iTunes/iBook. Physical copies are available at select locations and directly from Shero Comics at

Rayven Choi – Vimeo on Demand:

Rayven Choi – ComiXology:

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