REVIEW: Bleen #1 & #2 from Alterna Comics

From writer Jon Colunga & Landon Huber comes Bleen a curious tale of a girl locked in an alsylum seeking to escape however not all is quite what it seems.

Having read both issues of this series I have to say one thing this book does really well is creepy. Everything about it is creepy from Huber’s art to Colunga’s script. Looking at the art first, Bleen herself looks, odd is really best word here with her wide open eyes and thin eyeliner when reading this book you are not sure if she’s reading your soul or sizing you up to murder you. Having this book in black and white adds to the creepy factor of this asylum. Arkham this place is not, it’s worse, there is something wrong with it lurking just around the corner you can’t tell what it is, whether it is Bleen’s power or the residents of the building themselves. Huber’s character designs are great, ranging from the truly crazy to the mundane everything in this book fits so well that really leaves an impression with you after you’ve read it.

Colunga’s story is very haunting and chilling; a young girl is sent to an asylum as she believes that demons will awaken unless her rabbit is kept safe and with her. There are other smaller subplots running throughout this story but really you have to read it for yourself to gain a full appreciation of this story. Bleen herself is considering she may or may not be completely insane is an immensely likeable character, echoing with the alternative culture that I think many comic readers find themselves in, you find someone you can root for. You can see that she has been through some traumatic experiences yet she is still functioning and you want her to win and escape from this hellish situation she finds herself in.

Ultimately Bleen is a great story, it’s like nothing I have read before, yes there have been stories of characters locked in asylums before but, nothing like this or from such a young characters point of view. Add in the demonic influences and you have a book that is creepy to read yet utterly engaging and one that you can get lost in its world.

By Matt Deery


3/5 Stars

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