REVIEW: Bob: Non-Union Psychic #0

Created and Written By Lance Lucero
Scripted and Edited By Adam Volle
Cover, Illustrated and Colored By Francisco Resendiz
Lettered By J. Chill
Published by Warehouse 9

Poor Bob.  Trained as a barber, all he wants to do is use his psychic skills, help a few people and  get a little money in the process.  However, as psychic is a trade, there is the union entry review to pass. But way before that, he has to deal with a couple of ghostly problems, with his Gramps for company and his lucky scissors as his only weapon.

This book from Warehouse 9 Production Comics is a quirky little number,  with stylistic art that may appeal to a Disneybob crowd, featuring a less than Disney script. Part of this charm may be in part to the writing collective of creator Lance Lucero, also on writing duties along with a script by Adam Volle. The pair manage to create a story that has a certain charm despite what appears to be some straight forward going on’s.  Dialogue wise, Gramps is the grouchy know it all with Bob, coming across as the long-suffering grandson.

Art, and pretty much everything else bar the letters is supplied by Francisco Resendiz who produces the aforementioned Disney feelings.  Resendiz style allows a for a high level of visual humour, especially around the confrontations between Bob and the ghosts.  The colors are one the best things about the book, the washed out effect for the ghosts working well as does the vibrancy of the interactions between the psychic plane and reality. Shading also plays a strong part, especially around the faces.

Bob: Non-Union Psychic is a fun little read, that whilst isn’t my cup of tea, I can see how the quirky art will no doubt appeal to some fans, as will the visual and dialogue humour.


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