Brain Storms, Grey Matter, and What Makes You You: Wicked Cow Presents New Book on the Human Brain

Your brain just wants to be understood. It wants you to know how it works. Well, Wicked Cow Studios has put together the key to your brain’s—and, by extension, your own—happiness in It’s All In Your Head (9780692918234).

It’s All In Your Head is the true story of what makes up your mind. It’s the interactive, easy-to-read, stupendously sourced, user’s guide to your brain. This immersive book tackles the questions that keep you up at night: Is your smartphone wrecking your memory? Are believers’ and atheists’ brains different? Who’s smarter: your baby or your dog? Hwo is yuor biarn albe to raed tihs crzay quseotin? 

Written by Keith Blanchard, this book will unlock a world of deep insights, juicy rewards, and game-changing power. Neil deGrasse Tyson calls the human brain the most complicated object we know, and there’s way too much information, mystery, and discovery to cover in just a book. That’s why It’s All In Your Head is the centerpiece of a fun, illuminating franchise spanning across digital, experiential, broadcast and more-all devoted to the awesomeness of your brain.

Keith Blanchard is the author of two novels and has contributed in various capacities to a wide range of publishing and production enterprises, from The Week to Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone to The Drew Carey ShowThe Wall Street Journal to Most recently the chief digital officer of the World Science Festival, Keith was the longtime editor-in-chief and creative director of Maxim.

It’s All In Your Head is in stores TODAY! This non-fiction guide to the human mind is suitable for young adult readers and older.

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