Brookhaven Experiment for HTC Vive First US Game in China’s VR Zones

Leading Indie Games Studio Becomes First U.S. Company to Ink Direct Distribution Deal with Shunwang to Reach China’s Massive iCafe Gaming Audience

Phosphor Games today announced an agreement with Shunwang to put its soon-to-be released HTC Vive game, The Brookhaven Experiment into special VR Zones in Shunwang’s 100,000 Chinese gaming cafes. Shunwang operates over 70% of the massively popular iCafes in China, reaching over 110 million gamers every year. As one of the leading independent gaming studios, Phosphor becomes the first US Company to ever ink a direct distribution agreement with Shunwang.  Early reports indicate that The Brookhaven Experiment is as much of a success with Chinese gamers as it is here. Wherever Brookhaven is played, people wait in long lines to experience what Polygon called Vive’s scariest horror game.”

The new face of video game terror, The Brookhaven Experiment is a virtual reality shooter for the HTC Vive where players shoot their way through waves of horrific monsters. Players are forced to use limited resources and their pure adrenaline to succeed in Brookhaven’s haunting and immersive environments.  Members of the media along with the most popular Youtube personalities have lavished praise on the game for its realism and heart-pounding game play.


The Verge: The Brookhaven Experiment may be the closest we’ve come to Half-Life on the Vive.”

PC Gamer: The Brookhaven Experiment Shows How Shooters can Work in VR.”

Forbes: Return of The Shooting Gallery: How ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’ For HTC Vive Wowed Me.”

PewDiePie: “That was intense…I feel like a bad-ass. VR is here and it’s (absolutely) beautiful.”

Markiplier: “That was so cool! Oh man, you have no idea, that was freakin’ awesome!”

Jacksepticeye: “That was scary!…I really liked that. I look forward to the full version of it.” 

Abom_Vive Monsters_1_Vive Monsters_2_Vive Mutants_Vive Upgrades_Vive

The Brookhaven Experiment is the type of game with genuine global appeal, and Shunwang’s network unlocks one of the most sought-after game markets in the world,” said Chip Sineni, Director of Phosphor Games.  We are excited at the tremendous reach and strength of Shunwang’s market-leading technology and look forward to the official game launch on June 21.” 

Sky Liu, head of VR Strategy for Shunwang added: To meet the tremendous demand for quality VR experiences, we evaluated numerous triple-A titles from around the world and were very impressed by The Brookhaven Experiment’squality and early accolades.  We immediately contacted Phosphor about a partnership and we are extremely pleased with the overwhelming response to the game in our iCafes.” 

The Brookhaven Experiment is scheduled for release on June 21 for $19.99 via Steam, and is currently available for pre-order at a 25% discount.

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