Captain Marvel #6 Review

  • Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
  • Artist: David Lopez
  • Publisher: Marvel



    Kelly Sue DeConnick treats fans to an immensely satisfying issue of Captain Marvel building on the previous work and showing just how awesome Carol Danvers is.

    Since the reboot of Captain Marvel has sent Carol into space each and every issue has been great amounts of fun and this issue is no exception. This issue aptly described as the battle issue brings together all of the plot points we have seen in last 5 issues in a truly satisfying way. Battle lines have been drawn at the planet Torfa with Carol heading out alone to head off the invading Spartax who are looking to conquer the planet to strip mine it of its rich vibranium resources. Safe to say Carol kicks ass, being one of the great female leads in comics the cliff hanger of her last stand shows truly how much of hero she is and is someone whose morals we can all aspire too. She lets the people of the planet decide their own fate, still being an integral part to the story whilst not just “saving the day” growing as a character she realizes that she cannot force the people of Torfa to change but, she can damn well stop the Spartax from ever laying foot on the planet.

    These issues as those preceding it are great amounts of fun and it delivers albeit not the most original resolution but, it does so with charm and some hard hitting commentary about imperialism ala the U.S and USSR in the Cold War whilst retaining that sense of fun and that is where the writing in this issue shines.

    Lopez’s art is fantastic, using a cartoonish style that remains grounded and realistic with a touch of whimsy which complements the writing in this book greatly, especially in Carol and her supporting characters facial expressions more than anything else. A stroke of genius with this issue is that each setting within this issue has its own shade of color, such as all those on Torfa are yellow and those in space are blue for example and it really helps the reader follow the story without getting confused as these shades allow the reader instantly know where the action is taking place and shows one of the great strengths of the comic medium.

    Overall Captain Marvel 6 is a great issue; it retains such a sense of fun and charm that it’s so hard not to like this book. I am disappointed it seems Carol will still be flying solo but she is such a strong character she can carry this book by herself. Any fan of superhero or cosmic comics will enjoy this, its about fun and never loses sight of this.


    By Matt Deery

    Follow Matt on Twitter: @brujah69ad

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