REVIEW: CCTVYLLE #00 – Prologue

Created by Gianluca Bonomo
Script by Diego Blanda
Art by Salvatore Porcaro
Published by Holy Loft Productions


In a near future London CCTV cameras have been replaced with sentient hybrids combining cameras with real bird body parts for an unsettling fusion of the organic and technological.

The question that writer Gianluca Bonomo sets out to answer in this book is where does the line of use and misuse blur and what happens if such a invasive technology was ever released in a population centre? As one can imagine the result is very disturbing and the script by Diego Blanda really conveys just why no one would want this tech anywhere near them. As this is a prologue issue it uses this taster to set up the world and introduce the two leads really well. Offering glimpses into where this book is going whilst not throwing all its cards on the table in one go, this really is strength of the book as already it is building this deepening mystery of who is controlling the tech? Is the government? A corporation extending far beyond its remit? You are not sure, knowing only that the ever present birds are there without really knowing why which is as deeply unsettling as knowing in our modern lives that well over 90% of our movements are watched and catalogued by people we have never met.

This book is absolutely stunning and all credit Salvatore Porcaro for his utterly gorgeous work. Every panel is clean, horrendously detailed really allowing Blanda’s script to come to life. Each panel is more like a piece of fine art that you can spend minutes at a time getting lost in the individual panel. Porcaro’s designs on hybrids is both majestic and wholly disturbing, he captures the majestic nature of owls and hawks that have been merged perfectly yet removing the bodies and head and replacing them with cameras creates a very daemonic look to them that gives this book some tones of horror with these designs hiding in the background of panels and chasing characters down the street. Yet the colours give this book that bleak near future outlook we are accustomed too as readers of comics, everything is very grey with characters clothing providing breaks from what could have been a very drab affair

Overall CCTVYLLE is a book that has plenty of places to go, it is an original take on a concept that has been seen many times before, that of what happens when one person or group is given too much power in society? The writing and art really help sell such an outlandish concept that in the world of indie comics this is a book you should take notice of and give a chance.


Support this great looking project. You can purchase a copy of the book here. A thanks to Gianluca Bonomo for allowing us the pleasure of reviewing this book!

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