Chris Lewis launches Kickstarter campaign for MITCH HAMMER #1

Writer Chris Lewis has launched his fourth Kickstarter, this time for MITCH HAMMER #1, a 24-page comic book. MITCH HAMMER issue #1 (of 3) features a construction worker who gets caught up in science-gone-wrong when the local community college is attacked by C.L.O.T., the militant wing of the National Blood Clot Association. Together with his best buddy Jorge and the brilliant graduate student Katie, it’s up to Mitch to save the students from science terrorists and mutant madness. The book is described as a mixture of Nextwave and Shirtless Bear Fighter, with Adrian Wassell, Editor-In-Chief of Vault Comics, adding: “Mitch Hammer is some strange, alluring combination of  Silver Age antics and Coen brothers’ characters. I’d call it zany, but zany is a gross understatement for these idiosyncratic hijinks.”
The first issue is available on Kickstarter in pdf format for $1. An XXL print edition is also available, along with pinups, original art, and other books written by Chris Lewis.
The creative team includes Fernando Pinto on art, K. Michael Russell on colors, Nic J. Shaw on letters, Chris Kosek on design, and Dan Hill on edits.
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