Review: Black Bolt #10


Black Bolt has left his throne behind. He has since been taken prisoner in and alien land thanks to his own flesh and blood, Maximus. In their struggle to break free, Crusher Creel, A.K.A. the Absorbing Man, lost his life. With his loyal companion Lockjaw and the psychic alien child, Blinky, The former leader of the Inhumans returned to earth to relay the bad news about the Absorbing Man to his wife Titania. An old enemy, Lash, has kidnapped Blinky, leaving Black Bolt and his wife at Crusher Creel’s grave.

The Creative Team:

Saladin Ahmed opens this issue with a confused and saddened Black Bolt who’s been given the third degree by Titania. Blinky’s captors aren’t even trying to hide her location, which probably means that they expect Black Bolt and various Inhumans to attempt a rescue. Ahmed succeeds in bringing about a feeling of helplessness to Black Bolt and his plight. The silent one does things that would have been unthinkable during his reign as leader, but now sees no option but to give in to the wishes of his nemesis. This is an epic issue which reunites old friends and foes alike. I really enjoyed how our hero is brought to the brink only to see a glimmer of hope arise in the form of one that he has cared about so deeply. Great stuff includes the double B being humbled only to see his future form from out of the past.

Ward and Hans compliment this issue and it’s eerie, dream like quality. Highlights include the initial battle scene and the splash of Lash holding Blinky with the threat of destroying her. The look on BB’s face when he realizes his helplessness brings about a feeling of despair. Also the rendering of Black Bolt’s hallucinations as he’s been given the drug.

In Conclusion:

This issue is a turning point. We can’t help but feel the anguish our protagonist must feel as he’s helpless before an enemy he should be able to quash so easily. As long as Lash has the child Blinky, our hero can not resist his antagonists will. But something is happening to Blinky…to be continued. *** (7.8 rating)

Writer – Saladin Ahmed
Art – Christian Ward, Stephanie Hans
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher – Marvel


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