REVIEW: Justice League of America #22


This issue opens with Caitlin Snow entering a prison of her own making. Tsaritsa is guiding Caitlin, telling her that she can escape this future if she wants. But is Tsaritsa telling her this in her own best interest or is she trying to manipulate her? The mystery deepens. This is what happened the night before, then we come to now, as Caitlin enlightens the JLA as to what happened. But was her decision the right one to make? The opening events of her revelation suggest that she may have made the wrong decision.

The Creative Team:

Steve Orlando keeps us guessing as he brings us twists on every page of this fine issue. The queen arises and threatens the very peace of the universe. The League springs into action. But Orlando keeps us in suspense as, if the queen is destroyed, said destruction may destroy Caitlyn as well. He has the queen brag about being the “Primordial Monarch” She’s angry and determined to succeed. Orlando brings us into a situation that seems hopeless, even for the Justice League. It’s a fun-filled issue that is definitely great stuff! How can our heroes stop the “Primordial Monarch” without destroying Caitlyn as well?!?

Edwards and Enriquez bring this issue to vivid life in their own unique way. They start this issue with Caitlyn in the middle of nothingness. Their splash where the queen emerges from a fallen Caitlyn brings the reader deeper into the hopelessness of Caitlyn’s situation and causes empathy for the character. Extremely well drawn and the destruction of the mountain as the JLA is confused as to what to do in their hesitation evokes a feeling of helplessness and creates tension as they struggle with their decision as to how to proceed.

In Conclusion:

This issue is so tense that the reader will be gripped by its severity. The League has to make split second decisions which will have repercussions for all mankind. Their concern for their friend might bring about the wrong decision and let the “Primordial Monarch” arise victorious. It’s a back and forth game with our heroes trying to stop an evil being but not hurt their friend. Non-stop action as the queen…to be continued! **** (8.9 rating)

Writer – Steve Orlando
Art – Neil Edwards, Daniel Enriquez
Colors – Hi-fi
Letters – Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC

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