Comic Crusaders announces Splintered Press

Comic Crusaders announces the launch of Splintered Press!

One of few non-San Diego Comic Convention based announcements over the weekend involves this very website. Comic Crusaders owner and founder Al Mega announced today to his staff of contributors that he is launching a brand new comic book publishing company called Splintered Press.

“Splintered Press has been in the works for over a year now, it’s something that we have been quietly developing behind the scenes and it’s a project that we are very excited about”, said Mega. Splintered Press will begin operation under a crowd funding model, but will transfer to standard publishing once enough funds are in place.

“We want to not only work with creator-owned projects, but we want to develop a small line of our own titles as well”, Mega stated today.

Splintered Press will soon announce submission guidelines for creative teams and will be accepting pitches for creator owned projects.

With the announcement of Splintered Press also came the news that website contributor and podcast host Dusty Good has been announced as the Editor-in-Chief of the new comic book brand. Good stated, “Comic Crusaders has become the perfect place to observe the overall movements of the comic industry, we have watched what the big publishers, like Marvel and DC, are doing in the current market, and we are also tapped into what independent creators are accomplishing through crowd funding and we see an avenue to our own success.”

“We want to be that new brand that people can get excited about. We want to also be a place where creators can turn to and push the boundaries of the medium. We want to work with the best of the next generation and establish ourselves with high quality storylines and unbelievable artwork, Good said.

Good went on to say, “When I first started reading comics Image had just entered the scene and they energized the hobby. There was also this weird eclectic mix of titles at Vertigo that took a very adult approach to the medium, while all this was going on you had publishers like Dark Horse taking their first steps into the business, Heavy Metal and 2000 A.D. were blowing people’s minds when it came to expectations of what a “comic book” could be. There was this feeling in the industry that creative freedom was running wild and anything was possible. That’s been lost. We want to bring it back in a BIG way.”

Mega added, “Splintered Press will be the publisher to watch over the next ten to twenty years. We work with a staff that has over two hundred years of combined comic fandom (laughs) I think that we have a pretty good sense of what it takes to make a great comic. We want to take our knowledge and experience and make that available to talented writers, artists, colorists, letterers, and editors that are already out there waiting to get their foot in the proverbial door. We feel that it’s our obligation to usher in the next wave of great talent and exciting comics.”

Stay tuned to Comic Crusaders for more announcements in the coming weeks.


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