Comichaus are very proud to announce the development of an App to help “Discover Indie Comics”

This ‘Netflix’ for comics will be streaming only, and all revenue generated by subscription fees and adverts will be split 50/50 with the creators/publishers, based on the amount of times an individual book has been read.

A Kickstarter for funds is launching on Friday 19th May, and the App will be ready to the general public in July/August.

100’s of small press creators and publishers are already on board, (as well as some of the bigger indies) but if anyone is interested in getting their content onto the app please join the mailing list at where instructions will be forthcoming

Free to download – the Subscription fee for the app will be £30 a year (Or £3 for 12 Months) but anyone can have a free 1 month trial to check the app out. There will also be some free comics you can unlock and download without signing up.

Platform: iOS, Android Versions: iOS 9, iOS 10.x, Android 4.4 – 7.x

Layouts: Portrait Handset, Tablet Portrait, Tablet Landscape

What is Comichaus

Comichaus is a British Indie monthly anthology, nurturing the latest indie creator talent, whilst also having covers commissioned by established legends.

Glenn Fabry, John McCrea, Carlos Ezquerra, Steve Yeowell, Gary Erskine, and Tess Fowler have already graced the covers – with Boo Cook, Simon Bisley, Brendan McCarthy, Darick Robertson and Mark Buckingham already delivered for future issues:

“If we keep referring to it as an indie 2000 AD it might become an official designation…” Starburst Magazine

“Comichaus has the potential to grow into a huge part of the UK indie scene.” Pipedream Comics

“A who’s who from the small press scene…..Stunning series to get hooked on!! Comics Anonymous is a marketplace and database, where indies/small press, retailers and collectors can buy and sell their wares. The site will also be used as a backend for indie creators to submit their digital content to us for the app, and they can also claim profiles and tag themselves in projects they have been involved in.

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