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Take a look at all the amazing titles coming from Scout Comics in July 2017!


Written by Ben Kahn and Illustrated by Bruno Hidalgo

People live.  People die.  The “good” are pleasantly escorted off to Heaven; while the rest unceremoniously rots in Hell.  Hell- a world where torture isn’t retribution, it’s just hazing.  Isaiah Jefferson fancied himself a dashing rogue; the greatest thief of the Great Depression, but a cruel betrayal left him dead in the dirt.  Erin Foley was a scared grifter desperate not to be another child fed to the violent maw of the Salem Witch Trials.  When they’re given the chance to leave Hell and spit in the face of judgment, can they face their demons and become the master thieves they were meant to be?  HEAVENLY BLUES reunites the team behind SHAMAN to deliver a mystical heist mash-up from beyond the grave.  


Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Lee Cherolis

An anger demon rushes towards the town, and it is Tane’s responsibility to stop it. Unfortunately he has some unwanted companions aiding him in the desert while Idem recovers at the hospital. Elk recounts this heroic tale with a song and a drink at the local tavern. Combining humor with big adventure LITTLE GUARDIANS is a fun-filled all-ages romp.


Written by James Pruett; Illustrated by Federico De Luca; Cover art by Federico De Luca and Andrea Di Vito

Continuing the reality warping psychological thriller MINDBENDER. Following the events of the police incident in downtown Philadelphia, Alex manages to escape from the police aided by Berdy, his new-found friend who communicates with a mysterious other-dimensional voice that only he can hear. Agent Colton Brand closes in on Alex and prepares for an all-out assault as he fears that Alex possesses enough power to end the world. Meanwhile, more about Alex’s abilities are discovered as he seeks out the innocent mother that was shot and crucially wounded in the crossfires between Alex and the police from the “incident” as she struggles for her life in intensive care. Featuring two available covers by series artist Federico De Luca and a special variant by Andrea Di Vito (Guardians of the Galaxy, Annihilation).


Written by James Haick III, Illustrated by Branko Jovanovic, and Color Art by Song Ye

With chaos surrounding them at every turn, it was only a matter of time until Jake Clifford and his group got tangled up with the wrong sort. Tensions are high but the stakes are higher as friendships are tested far beyond what they could have expected. Has anarchy already taken hold in For Myers? Will everyone Jake cares for stand united in his plan to get to his daughter?


Written and illustrated by Raul Trevino. Dialogue Editing, Robert Diamond.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the Tinkers find that the chickens they’ve been hunting as food will be part of a dire threat that could destroy what it remains of humanity. After stealing the chickens the Tinkers are forced to flee from an onslaught of weapon enhanced hot rods driven by the crazy minions of King Queer and that’s the easy part as they find themselves face-to-face with the fearless and mysterious road warrior and elusive cannibal they call Fly. Legend has it that to meet him is to meet your death, particularly when he’s hungry and today…he’s starving.

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