Our journey to the Nation’s Capital began as have most things for me in recent months . . . late.  Awesome-Con 2017 began on June 16th, however, my daughter and I did not make day one.  This was a momentous trip as it was my 8 year old daughter’s very first trip to DC and first Convention.  She was not disappointed despite my poor event planning.  A short drive to the Silver Line Metro and we were on our way.  (This was also her first Metro ride)

We arrived at her bequest at Metro Center and we walked the remaining 1/2 mile to Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  My review of the Convention actually begins here, so stay with me folks.  This was a particularly dreary morning which made the trek actually quite pleasant.  The streets slowly began to transform until cosplay costumes almost seemed the norm.  When we arrived at the convention center the crowd was massive but the volunteers and security was smooth and we were inside the convention in only  a few minutes.  The vendors were had everything that those into geekery could ask for.  The crowd, considering we were in DC, was courteous and moved between artist alley and the multiple vendors with ease.  My daughter was thrilled to get Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo to sign her Batman Pop Vinyl.  Indie publishers were plentiful and I had an interesting conversation with writer, Greg Wright.  My daughter fell in love with “Monstrous” so we left with a signed trade which she insists she will “review.”  The convention was spread out nicely and although we spent limited time in the Stan Lee museum and couldn’t make any large panels I would call her first convention a resounding success.  I should note this convention was super kid friendly and the inclusion of a Nickelodeon section was a nice touch.  The volunteers and staff were helpful and friendly.  My only complaint was the lack of designated dining space.  Myself and others overcame this by camping in an area near the food service section and it didn’t dampen the joy of our trip.

If you find yourself a CON-noob or looking for a convention to take your entire family, I would highly recommend Awesome-Con.  Enjoy our Capital and some sweaty goodness next year!  I know we will return!


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