CONVENTION REVIEW: ComiCONN “A Show for the Fans by the Fans!” 2017

This past weekend of June, 10th and 11th, Altered Reality Entertainment hosted their first comic convention at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut called ComiCONN “A Show for the Fans by the Fans!”


The event took place in the Fox Tower of Foxwoods Resort Casino which had its own FREE parking and plenty of it! Upon entering you had to walk a little way through the casino and it’s there where we saw this HUGE line, thank goodness we didn’t have to wait! But everyone was just happy and anxious with anticipation to finally hit the show floor, show off their costumes, pick up goodies, and/or meet their favorite celebrity/creator.

Once you enter the show floor it was a decent sized venue you could see to your left and right by the doors refreshments and food readily available, I immediate noticed o the first aisle at least 4 comic book vendors,1 of which was selling 50 cent books, very rare nowadays! Every aisle had at least 2 comic book vendors, made me happy. All aisles were very diverse and setup in a nice way with plenty of aisle space! You could find T-Shirts, Funko Pops, toys, prints of all kinds. The vendors I spoke to seemed to be very happy with the outcome. They also had prop vehicles on display from Speed Racer, V etc….

They also had a nice amount of panels with your favorite creators and celebrities, which you could read about via their pamphlet. There were announcements made prior to all panels and they were all very clear, no way you could miss it! The setup of the panel rooms were perfect, with orderly lines to get in, and no issues being able to hear anyone as the sound system sounded great!


The celebs and the comic creators were also amazing. We got to talk to the AR Comics team from the Altered Reality Showcase book I reviewed (read it here), we also had the honor of speaking to Jim Shooter, whom shared stories from  his scrapbook, pretty neat tales I could listen too all day, similar to the legend, Jim Steranko, whom was also  there sharing his tales of the old days! The forever young and legend Allen Bellman was there was well and he mentioned we need to keep a look out for a History channel documentary about his life, due out later this year.We also spoke with the very talented Rags Morales, Nick Bradshaw, Ken Lashley and more!!

On the celeb side we spoke with the co-creator of Underworld, Kevin Grevioux, he was also the Black Beetle on Young Justice, his voice is absolutely intimidating but he’s a great person to talk too! 13 met and spoke with Sendhil Ramamurthy, who we all know as Mohinder from Heroes. Hellboy Ron Perlman was  there as well with a decent amount of fan traffic waiting to see him! We got to talk to Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and yes he had those scissors, The Nasty Boys and of course Ric Flair were in the house as well! Ink fusion was also on site, meaning you can get a tattoo at the convention. Prices varied but ALL the tattoo artists were amazing!


Cosplay has become a huge part of the comic con experience and this show was not left behind. There were plenty of amazing costumes to behold. Checkout some of the fantastic cosplay by the amazing fans that attend the show:

The security and staff were ALL helpful and genuinely concerned with making sure everyone had fun and was safe, job well done!

Obviously once you left the show and you felt good (those old enough to play of course) you could hang out at the beautiful Foxwoods Resort Casino and bring home a few stacks (hopefully)!

The only downside was the heavy foot traffic for fans to be able to get in, all done for matters of safety and avoid overcrowding of the show floor, but as some fans stated a lil’ bit frustrating! As of 6PM there was still a line to enter the show! I wish the venue was bigger as I was able to peruse the show floor within 1 hour, stopping and going of course.

This con had a little bit of everything and  for that, it was AWESOME!!! It is safe, family friendly and hella fun! I highly recommend you make plans to come through next year! I rate it 4/5!

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