CONVENTION REVIEW: Mississippi Comic Con (Formerly Known as SoPoCu Con)

Mississippi Comic Con
Jackson, Mississippi

What is it?

Mississippi Comic Con (MSCC) is the largest convention in the capitol city of its namesake state, and this is the second year that it has overtaken the Trademart to the abounding excitement of the local community. The size of the convention almost doubled in 2015 from its previous incarnation, both when considering the attractions and the turnout. The previous year, the convention was referred to as SoPoCu Con (Southern Pop Culture Convention), and frankly, I personally found that name more unique, memorable, and appropriate. The content at Mississippi Comic Con extends far beyond comics into television, movies, local art, and anime.


What is there to do?

MSCC this year boasted an array of vendors, predominately of the artistic variety. It also included stands to buy cosplay items, Magic the Gathering trading cards, tee shirts, messenger bags, and any other assorted pop culture niceties you might want to show off to your friends the following week. The local Star Wars groups pitched in together to create a fundraising event for Make-A-Wish where kids could shoot darts at clone troopers to raise money for charity, and there was even an Occulus Rift set up near the concession for people to try (though the line remained far too daunting for me to ever give it a shot.)


If you weren’t looking for action figures or Attack on Titan leggings, then you might have found yourself browsing the guest’s tables at the perimeters of the buildings and spending all of your money on Runaways art like I did. The lineup was much larger than previous years, with several professional cosplayers, a half-dozen comic book artists, movie and television stars, and even a professional wrestler and an anime voice actress. Every fandom was catered to, and these were not unknown celebrities.


From James Leary, a beloved Buffy demon; to Trina Nishimura (pictured above) who has voiced Mikasa in Attack on Titan and Mari in the Rebuild of Evangelion -just to name a few; all the way over to Brandon Badeaux who designed the villains for the Arkham City game: MSCC’s galleries were full.


There was also one of the many 67 Chevy Impalas used in filming the television hit Supernatural present, and a Bumblebee themed Camaro. However, the Tim Burton era Batmobile that was billed to be at the event was conspicuously missing, as well as the General Lee replica (though, it had been pulled weeks prior, presumably for fear that someone might be offended, and I’ll not comment any more on the insanity of that). These were not the only cancellations. Jeremy Michael London also bailed at the last minute, as he had begun filming a movie.


Aside from that, there was a free gaming area, where anyone could pick up a selection of tabletop or board games, grab a group of friends, and take a table to play at, sponsored by Pentasmite, a local gaming store (and Tae Kwon Do dojo).


Oh, and also there was cosplay.


Tell me more about this cosplay.

I think it would be easier to just link pictures, but suffice it to say, I was VERY impressed by the level of craftsmanship I saw there, from professionals to kids.

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So would you recommend it?

If you’re in the area? Absolutely. It may not be the biggest convention out there, but the crowd was huge, the vendors and guests were quality, and everyone was polite, respectful, and happy to be among peers. That’s just Southern Hospitality for you though, I suppose.

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