Convention Review: Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

The Rhode Island Comic Con was the weekend of November 10-12, 2017. I was fortunate enough to attend ALL 3 days of the BIGGEST Con in the smallest state. This year it once again lived up to that! On Friday, energy was in the cold NE air, a lot of folks had a day off, so the lines looked like it was Saturday! I was shocked, as last year it was busy but not swarming as it was on this first day of the con. It was a great sign that many folks were ready to party with the rest of comic geekdom.

The ribbon cutting ceremony with Martha Sheridan, CEO of Providence Visitors and Convention Bureau,, Providence Mayor Jorge Alorza and special guest Elijah Wood. There was also a military presence, it was Veterans Day weekend, it was a nice ceremony to open up a fun filled weekend. The crowd was anxious to get in and once they did, the house was packed! Like last year the main corridor and convention area was utilized for vendors as well as outside the rink area. The rink area housed the A-list stars.

The setup was great, traffic flowed a tad better than last year, but still there was traffic! Vendors that sold weapon, knives, swords, etc..actually had them displayed in protective cases, a concern I had last year. Security was tight all around, you felt safe in this convention, there were even snipers across the street from the venue! Being that liquor is served at this convention it really is a good idea to have a lot of security.

There were plenty of vendors on hand, mostly selling paraphernalia such as T-Shirts, Pops, hand made goods etc… The comic vendors that were there did have great collectibles, the prices however were steep BUT you could haggle with vendors especially on Sunday and come off with a great deal!



As always Cosplay was great, all sorts of costumes from old school to new school. From the Citadel of Rick’s to Dc and Marvel and more, the love of comic charters was ever present and did they act their part!. The celebrity line-up was uber nostalgic! We got the chance to speak to Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno, Steve and Marcy Darcy from Married with Children (David Garrison and Amanda Bearse), Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds (Donald Gibb), Connie Lin (Jade Wu from Luke Cage), and tons more……

The big stars that everyone went to see were the Stranger Things cast as well as cast from Marvel’s Luke Cage and The Walking Dead cast and quite a handful more. The majority of them were extremely approachable. They all looked sincere and happy to be at the show among fans! There was a bump in programming when the walking dead guests were not able to be at the show due to re-shoots. Hmm, what had to be re-shot, will a death or two be teased? The other no show was Mark Ruffalo, unsure of reason. But who needs them when you got Rock n’ Roll Legend Gene Simmons at the show signing and also performing.

So best day to go for deals is Sunday, Saturday is photo op time, be prepared for long lines, Friday is a great day to for first dibs shopping. I think they need to add Thursday to the mix in the future! Overall this show is amazing! Lots of fun, lots to do and a lot to see! If you’re in the northeast, make this a MUST GO TO SHOW! 4/5!

RICC Special Podcast by The C.A.P.E.S.

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Thank you Altered Reality Entertainment for the press passes to the show! Shout out to the crew/staff they weer all awesome! Special shout out to Susan Soares, PR Mgr. of Altered Reality.

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