Convention: Special Edition NYC
Location: New York, New York

Reedpop (Emerald City Comic Con, c2e2, New York Comic Con) held their 2nd annual Special Edition NYC show this past weekend.  The show had a HUGE turnout this year, thanks it part to the availability of New York Comic Con tickets that were made available to attendees of the Special Edition show.


With plenty of experience under their belt, Reedpop shows are usually pretty well organized. This year’s Special Edition event was no exception. The website offered almost all the information you would need if attending the show. Guest list announcements began early in the year, and updates were provided on a regular basis leading up to the show. Any artist cancellations were updated in a timely fashion, which helps to avoid surprises upon arrival. The show was promoted well, and it showed in this year’s fan turnout.

Guest List:

This year’s guest list was not as star-filled as last year, but still had a lot to offer. Brian Michael Bendis and Scott Snyder appeared to have the biggest fan turnout although thanks to Spider-Gwen’s popularity this year, artist Robbi Rodriguez had a huge turnout as well.


The show moved venues this year from The Javits Center (where New York Comic Con is held yearly) to Pier 94 just a few blocks away. The venue seemed to offer more space, which allowed for more exhibitors and a large artist alley area. The only downside to the new venue was that the entire queue line was outdoors. This isn’t an issue unless you run into bad weather, and sure enough it rained on Saturday. Sunday, however, was a beautiful day and the outdoor queue line was actually enjoyable so this is just a minor nitpick.  The staff outside managing the line were very helpful and kept everything organized.


This year, Special Edition beefed up the vendor list. As I said before, there seemed to be more space available in the new location which allowed for additional vendors. Thanks to Special Edition being one of the few conventions focused solely on comic books, there were plenty of vendors offering everything from high priced “wall books” to $1 boxes of comics to dig through.

Final Verdict:

In its second year, Special Edition NYC has secured it’s spot on the convention calendar. This is a great show to attend if you are in the NYC area and don’t want to deal with the craziness of the New York Comic Con weekend. While I felt last year’s show had a slightly more attractive guest list, it was still a fun weekend. The new venue offered more space, which allowed more vendors, and made things more manageable for attendees.  This show is definitely worth the price of admission.

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