This past weekend at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI, Comic Crusaders had the honor of attending the FIRST ever Hasbro convention called, Hascon, this premier “Fanmily”event was amazing!

Upon entering you were immediately greeted by what I think is the friendliest staff at a convention ever! Security was great as well, very quick! The main show floor was in the convention area. Once you made your way to that area you were in the beginnings of the toy mecca! On display in the main hallway was Transformer Bumblebee and as you made your way up you’d see a few of the local radio stations broadcasting live. There was an awesome GI Joe display with content from all eras of GI Joe.

The main show floor was astounding, the first thing you see is a giant Optimus Prime and so begin your travels into the history of Cybertron. Toys from all eras of Transformers were on display ( I had many of them and it brought back great memories). I was able to see the Takara team doing a signing on the Transformers show floor. Next to the Transformers was the Marvelous world of Marvel. On display were the costumes of characters from some of their films including the next smash hit, Black Panther! The Black Panther toys were also on display and they looked dope!!!. Next to that was Star Wars, celebrating 40 yrs with an official Jedi training stage and props from the films. The more you walked the more you saw, My Little Pony, Trolls, Nerf, Beauty and the Beast and more…..

The Nerf section was really cool, it had an actual playing field where you can play with any Nerf gun from their amazing Arsenal. It was an Arsenal that even The Punisher would envy!

Then there were the board games. From Simon to Monopoly to Pie Face Game and more.., it was huge fun in this area as families were enjoying all these family friendly games with their kids. The energy and happiness seen proves that this is a GO TO EVENT for families! Various sections did different things for the kids, arts and crafts, playdoh to make up sessions with make up artists!

The PA system was great too, there was no way you could miss an announcement about any of their many panels. They had various huge panel rooms with more than enough room so you can see and hear the likes of Stan Lee, GI Joe, Transformers  & My Little Pony Voice Actors and Animators, , Dude Perfect and more… There was plenty to see and do at this premier event.  There were even 2 music concerts, Daya (Friday) and Flo Rida (Satruday) Scroll below to see pics of the show and 4 of the many panels that were at Hascon:


For shoppers they had an onsite Hasbro store with a huge selection of their many cool products and of course they had a separate area for the Hascon exclusives,the line was pretty long to get your hands on their exclusive offerings! I got my hands on Deadpool, Captain Rex and Arcee. There were also a lot of cool FREE giveaways as well.  It truly was a fan event! This is a MUST for ANY toy fan as well as being a fantastic event for ALL members of your family! I highly recommend you and yours attend this event, you WILL have a blast!!

All photos / video by Al Mega
Video Edits by Freddie Nero

A Huge Thank You to Hasbro for providing Comic Crusaders a pass to attend this amazing event!

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