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From the fingers of Nick Gonzo…

Agent Corsair is part of The Order, an ancient fellowship that’s been maintaining the relationship between the two sides of England; The modern world, and the ancient things that live in the shadows.

Assigned by his superiors to a low level missing persons case, Corsair is set to track down a local businessman who has been trying his hand at black magic. As he works the case more questions surface, and Corsair is forced to question his place in an increasingly modern world, because as well as having to live through ghosts and flesh eating horrors he has to survive the modernisation and monetisation of his ancient organisation. Expect noir style mystery, hideous monsters, ancient evil, and a different twist on a haunted house.

The comic itself is an episodic Horror comic, part detective tale, part Ghost story, that focuses on the dark side of English Folk history. We are kickstarting the first 28 page, full colour comic, which you can have and hold in your arms from as little as £5. This’ll be the first of many cases for Corsair as his work with The Order leads him to explore the folk tales and ghost stories of Northern England. Each one will be a self contained story that adds an urban context to ancient myths and legends, whilst looking at the relationship between the old and new roles of national identity.

Inspired by the stories I’ve spent my life hearing of England’s Neolithic stones, wind swept moors, haunted ruins and cursed bridges (seriously that seems to come up a lot) I wanted to create something rooted in old legends, and tell the tales you can only get from historic Yorkshire.

I have been extremely lucky to put together a team who could easily find themselves on any so-called “professional” book out in the market. How they don’t have Scrooge McDuck style money pools in their homes as they fly about in Space-cars I don’t know.

On Art there is Stefani @MagiciansHouse, an American artist who goes by this twittery Pen Name, and fresh from her work on Project Shadow Breed has come to put her talents to Corsair. Adding colour to the art is Alexa Renée, who you might recognise from the extensive colouring work she did on the Paperbacks and Inkstains Kick-starter Madius completed early this year. And finally, we have Robin Jones, SCIBA nominated writer and Ashcan Letterer of the Year 2015/2016, who adds the words and bubbles over the top to facilitate the story.

We have, for you delectation, both digital and physical copies of the book. We have a selection of prints presented A4 for you to have and to hold from the likes of Alexa Renee, Grant Richards, Rory Donald, and Myself. There is also an original Enamel Pin designed by Stefanie, featuring the design of the magical macguffin that leads Corsair on his path of mysterys.

Nick Gonzo is the creator of 50Signal, Punk Rock Apocalypse, Funk Soul Samurai and the cult copyright infringing hit “Pictures of Spiderman”.

Support the Kickstarter HERE

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