Cougar and Cub’s Sin-Tillating First Volume

What Happens When You Sleep With Your Sidekick

Hi, Nick Marino here. I’m one of the creators behind COUGAR AND CUB. My publisher asked me to craft a press release for the upcoming print collection of our subversive superhero satire story, so let’s do this.

Basically, we want you to know that this book is coming out soon. It’s in the May 2017 PREVIEWSworld catalog from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.®©™ with the order code MAY171004. Again, that order code is MAY171004. 😉

So why should anyone read this book? Well, I’ll tell you this… it’s not like any other comic book out there right now. You’re not gonna see the outrageous art of Daniel Arruda Massa drawing a “Big Two” series nowadays. You’re not gonna see brilliant twists like the ones from Rosie Knight‘s backup stories gracing the pages of your average indie comic. And you certainly won’t get the detailed alliteration of my narrative captions in any comic book released after the year 1969.

Cougar and Cub are sorta like Batman and Robin… but if Batman was a tough-as-nails rich-as-hell black woman who does what she wants when she wants, and if Robin was a whiny white kid who’s always fuming about something and making impetuous decisions. Oh wait, I guess that’s already exactly like Robin. Nevermind.

So what happens to our titular heroes in this tale? It’s pretty simple: they have an ill-advised one night stand in our first chapter and spend the next 100 pages trying to patch up their working relationship. Can they reteam and take down the dastardly villains plaguing the fine city of Megaville? Or will they crumble under the pressure and cave quicker than the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50? (HINT: They’re Cougars… not Panthers!)

This is the part of the press release where we’d normally feature a quote from a member of our creative team extolling the virtues of our comic book. But I’m already writing the damn thing, so let’s just wrap this up quickly with a short-but-sweet line from yours truly, “I worked my ass off to make this comic book and I hope you enjoy it.” WOW. What a quote, right?

Here’s everything else you need to know… our graphic novel is 128 pages of action, humor, and awesome art. Our lead story follows Cougar and Cub in the present while our backup stories fill in the gaps of Cougar’s illustrious crime fighting career throughout different eras in comic book history. We’ve been covered on Bleeding Cool, Graphic Policy, Comics Bulletin, Newsarama, and more. We’d be thrilled to do a signing in your town at your favorite comic shop so just hit us up to see if we can make it happen.

Oh, in case you missed it before, our Previews order code is MAY171004.

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