Death Brings an Army Of Skeletons to the Battlefield in New Tactical Monsters Video

See on the of the Game’s Most Unique Monsters in Action

Camex Games’ tactical RPG, Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena has arrived on Android, and it’s bringing the reaper himself, gentleman Death, along for the ride. In the newest trailer, available now, you can get up close and personal with the dead…but beware the “Song of Death”, or you will find yourself becoming one of the reaper’s many victims. The new trailer, downloadable below, focuses on this killer character with special abilities like the aforementioned “Song of Death”, which deals incredible amounts of damage, or, the aptly named, “Summon Skeletons”, which beefs up his deadliness by calling forth small armies of skeleton reinforcements! As you’ll see from the trailer, Death is not a foe to be trifled with.

Death is a Diabolical Monster in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena who will summon his Army of Skeletons every turn, making him a most formidable foe since he’s always got an undead minion at the ready. Gather your own team of monsters to do battle and try to defend against his arsenal of necromantic magic. Death is a crafty foe, and will inflict damage using his seemingly endless Army of Skeletons before unleashing his powerful Death Magic. Finish him off quick or the last thing you will hear is his Song of Death as you suffer at his hands.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a tactical RPG focusing on fast-action and deep, yet quick, turn-based PvP matches with players around the world. Players battle not only for bragging rights, but for gold, medals and unlockable cards which grant the player rare items and additional combat characters. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena will launch on PC and Android first, with iOS to follow and other platforms to be announced.

Download Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena for Android HERE:

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About Camex Games
Camex Games’ is a indie studio with a core focus on making the best tactical RPG’s on the market across multiple platforms. Camex Games’ previous game, Heroes Tactics, was a standout title, and was globally featured on Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Kongregate, Facebook Gameroom and Facebook Web Games, and more. Heroes Tactics was also featured on Google I/O 2016 as a case study.


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