Death Vigil #1 Review

STORY BY: Stjepan Sejic

ART BY: Stjepan Sejic

COVER BY: Stjepan Sejic

PUBLISHER: Top Cow Productions


RELEASE DATE: Wed, July 9th, 2014

Stjepan Segic brings us a lengthy preview of his new comic Death Vigil, showcasing a war between the ‘Death Vigil’ and their on-going war against the primordial enemy. Oh and there are zombie Vikings!

From first seeing Sejic’s work I have been a massive fan, from his photo realistic work on ‘Artifacts’ and ‘Ravine’ to the current rough sketchy style he has adopted in ‘Aphrodite IX’. This comic does not disappoint and once again shows Sejic is a true master of storytelling. Previously hearing criticism that some of his panels can be a little too stiff, you will find none of that here. The coloring is spot on and brings this fairly grim universe a sense of brightness and fun. Each character is alive and expressive and certain elements such as Bernadette’s cloak really feels like it is moving on the page as you are reading it.

As this is only the first half of the comic it is difficult to discuss the story overall, what we do get is a great introduction to some of the main players of the Death Vigil universe and how things work. To become a Death Knight, you must die however, this gives you access to reality altering weaponry to fight the primordial enemy and their subjects (where the aforementioned Vikings come into play.) Each and every character in this story feels relatable and real considering they are caught up in a war between a force of great evil (and one of them happens to be the grim reaper) which speaks volumes for Sejic as a writer.

Overall Death Vigil is another amazing book from Sejic and it is something I would urge everyone to give a try. It is a book that has great art, an intriguing fantasy premise and a wicked sense of humor.

By Matt Deery

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