Digital Board Game Armello to Releases Board Pack DLC Alongside Latest Update

Seasons Board Skins Pack and Art of Treason available Nov. 18 on Steam
Armello, the award-winning digital board game from League of Geeks, will be receiving one of its largest post-release updates this Friday on Windows and Mac via Steam; v1.5 Art of Treason, featuring UX improvements, new cards, an expansion of the bounty system, and more details still to be revealed.
To coincide with this release, LoG are launching their most requested DLC yet on Steam, new seasonal board skins. With new environmental assets, ambient effects and audio, the Seasons Board Skins Pack brings two brand new seasons, Autumn and Spring boards, to Armello‘s journey for the throne for just $4.99 USD on Nov. 18 on Steam.
To celebrate these two releases, Armello will be 30% off on Steam until the Nov 29.
Both Art of Treason and the new seasonal board skins will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date.

Armello merges the deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top and a character role-playing system. Players take turns exploring a vibrant world, battling players and vanquishing evil banes, with the shared goal of claiming the throne from the mad lion king of Armello.
“We absolutely love working with our community and seasonal board skins was one idea we just had to bring to life,” said Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks. “Couple that with what’s coming in Art of Treason and we’re more excited than ever before to see players start exploring the new features and improvements.”
More information about Armello can be found at:
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