DoC chats with Alan Medina, Creator of Elasticator

We were lucky enough to nab an interview with the creator of the fantastic comic book series from Scout Comics, Elasticator, Mr. Alan Medina. Here’s what he had to say:

DoC: Tell us a little about Elasticator for anyone that hasn’t read the comic yet.

AM: Elasticator is a hybrid between your classic noir crime story and action packed superhero fun. It follows Mikey Mazzagatti, a kid who really doesn’t belong in any of the situations he finds himself but somehow continues to go down the same path. Unlike other heroes, who have all kinds of horrible things happen to them prior to becoming a hero, for Mikey the bad things happen after he put on the goggles.

DoC: How long have you been working on the idea for Elasticator?

AM: I came up with the idea for Elasticator back when I was 16, playing online video games. Since then he’s lived in the back of my head until the time came that I could write my own superhero story. Flash forward six years later and here we are.elasticator_concept_art_commission_by_phil_cho-d7dp2gx

DoC: Where did the idea come from?

AM: The idea came from a variety of things, at first I always wanted to write a hero whose powers were bizarre and under appreciated, for Elasticator he’s not just a super elastic hero like other he’s one large living muscle that can do anything it wants with itself. Whether or not Mikey is in full control of that, that’s a different story. I also have always had a love for crime stories and wanted to tell one that would feel fresh but familiar in all the right places. Growing up I loved shows like The Wire or The Sopranos but I also loved Spider-Man, so I decided to combine the two and see what happens. I can safely say I’m proud of the outcome.

DoC: How hard did you find it to come up with an origin story that didn’t feel stale or overdone but modern and refreshing?

AM: Honestly, if the story’s right there’s really no challenge to the writing, for me at least. I didn’t dwell too much on being ‘different’ or having any gimmicks to stand me out, I wanted to tell a story I cared about and hopefully other people would too.

DoC: When did you know that this is what you wanted to do for a living?

AM: I think my whole life really, it was more a matter of getting my parents’ blessing on following a career which in their eyes was just a silly kid’s dream. My parents both came to the states from the Dominican Republic, having that background they believed more in classic ‘money making’ jobs. Luckily as I got older that mind-set faded, maybe it was the Marvel movies or The Walking Dead, I don’t know, I’m just happy to be here.

Ce1CoxxWAAAkSa7DoC: Was the dark and seriousness of the story always meant to be countered by a beautifully playful cartoony art style?

AM: Definitely! I always wanted an animated like style to compliment the story. It adds a layer of fun that helps balance out the narrative from not feeling too overtly preachy or dark. Plus how awesome is Kevin’s art? It’s really been a blessing to work with him.

DoC: Do you collect comics yourself?

AM: I’m starting to! I had a big a move as a kid and the town I ended growing up in didn’t have a comic shop, at least not while I was there. So collecting single issues became difficult but I kept up with trades and what not. Now that I have my own place I’ve made it my job to fill it with as much comics or comics related things as possible.
DoC:What comic would you like to see become a TV show or movie?

AM: Without a doubt, Punk Rock Jesus. Sean Murphy created one of the masterpieces of our time in my opinion, that I would love to see adapted. My last read through had to be my 7th time reading the trade, each time I find something new to appreciate from it.

DoC: If Elasticator became a TV show or movie, who would you like cast as Mikey?

AM: Rami Malek, Hollywood being the way it is I’m sure would be able to get past the minor age gap but that guy is just a terrific actor. I like a lot of what they do on Mr. Robot but his performance just steals the show. Elasticator is a very broken individual and I believe he would really elevate that in his performance.

DoC: If Elasticator could crossover with another comic, who would you like to see Mikey interact with?

AM: I would love to see Mikey meet Daredevil, I like to think Matt would be a good mentor who would straighten out the punk that is Mikey but this is comics, we know that wouldn’t happen. Still the thought is exciting.

DoC: Which comic series would you like to write a story for?

AM: I would love to do some Punisher stories or The Question. Today’s world is so crazy that being able to give these two very deep characters a voice would be an absolute honor, and a blast!

DoC: What do you think makes Elasticator stand out from Plastic Man and Mr Fantastic?

AM: Plastic Man and Mr Fantastic are both adults, Mikey isn’t. Despite having to make some very adult decision Mikey is still a kid, having to grow up fast he didn’t get to live out the remainder of his kid years. These two things put Mikey in a very odd situation, that stands him out from a lot of other hero characters.

DoC: Looking back at issue 1 now it’s printed and out there, is there anything, big or small that you wish you had changed, taken out or added?

AM: The costume. Truth be told, Kevin and I wanted to scrap it but fans took to it so well that we just couldn’t pull the trigger. That said a lot of comic readers see ‘tights’ and run, we wanted to keep Elasticator as accessible as possible plus when we brainstormed for an alternative costume like outfit, the ideas we had were all pretty awesome.

DoC: Finally can you describe Elasticator is 5 words.

AM: Why superheroes should never exist.

DoC: A massive thank you for taking the time for this interview.

AM: Thank you so much guys, especially with following us from the get go. Really. Thank you!

For anyone not already reading Elasticator you can check out my reviews for previous issues or pick up the latest issue out now.

You can order directly from Scout Comics HERE  OR Visit your LCS!




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