Dodgy’s Toy Corner: Invincible Side-Show

G’Day Crusaders,

With the success of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends and Mattel’s DC line of figures, (with the exception of the near 30 year run of TMNT toy line by Playmate) the big 2 dominate the Come-to-Toys industry.

McFarlane were once the consistent vehicle from the late 90’s all the way up to the late 00’s. What happened? Since the emergence of The Walking Dead television series in 2010, McFarlane Toys focussed heavily on creating an action figures for the series. Besides The Walking Dead, McFarlane also produces figures based on popular video games.

Image is one of the biggest indie company and with a fantastic toy line owned by one of the big players in the company, I always asked myself “why no figures based on the current Image titles?” – my prayers must have been answered here:

Invincible was created by Robert Kirkman in 2002, this character has had a number of Easter eggs in The Walking Dead TV series. A character well deserving its own action figure.

The bloodied variant.

Pick them up via:
INVINCIBLE Action Figure

For the big-time collectors, here is something glamorous addition to any bookshelf display. You can pre-order these fantastic products from Sideshow Collectibles! There is something for everyone, even if this line is above your budget you can watch in awe!

This Wonderful DC pair is Purrrfect, resembling Julie Newmar and Linda Carter. Also check out the Green Lantern new 52 version.

For gamers, get a load of this nice statue of Nathan Drake from the popular Uncharted 4!

Here is the eerie Lady Maria Statue from the video game Bloodborne.

Maga fans will enjoy this piece, Guts from the long running series Beserk.

Cobraaaaaaa!!!! Get a load of thissss.. G.I Joe fans will love Serpentor on his hover vehicle!

Detonate the Death Star!! The Star Wars character known only for pulling a lever looks pretty cool, the Death Star Gunners.

See more of what is listed here and more, go to:

Also check out your local Comic Book Store and your local Toy Store!

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