Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Editorial By: Dusty Good

It was only a few weeks after Donald Trump won the presidency that I wrote an editorial for Comic Crusaders entitled “The Future of Comics in Donald Trump’s America”. In the article I questioned how creators were going to be able to write traditional superhero comic books for an audience that is living in a politically volatile time. How would Captain America be a symbol for the United States when so many feel disenfranchised and left out? How could Superman represent truth, justice and the American way if he has to fly over a wall that is built to keep out an ethnic group that has been deemed to be no better than “rapists and thieves”?

I knew that the political turmoil would have an impact on comics. It was my honest opinion that the changes would be felt eventually as this new radical administration took root—I was wrong. The change has come quickly; suddenly; without warning. The attack on the moral compass of comics has come from a long-standing right-wing outlet, and is being led by a mouthpiece that has written a book titled ““The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again”. That should give you an idea of the caliber of nutbag that we are dealing with.

I’m referring to Todd Starnes and his recent editorial “Superman defends illegals against angry American”.  Starnes writes about his outrage that the Man of Steel would have the audacity to protect a group of innocent immigrants from an angry white supremacist gunman. (Action Comics #987) Let me type that again so you can read it once more and really let that argument sink in… Todd Starnes is upset that Superman saved a group of immigrants from an angry white gunman. Think about that. Let it marinade in your brain for a minute.

Todd Starnes is a 49-year-old political commentator and host of Fox News & Commentary. You would think that I wouldn’t have to spell out for Mr. Starnes the ludicrous nature of his argument. I have to remember in that same moment that this is Trump’s America and having to remind grown men that common sense and dignity are still applicable is now commonplace.

I’m calling bullshit on Todd Starnes. Let’s call his editorial what it really is; a hate filled piece of tripe that readers should wipe their asses with. Todd is upset that the white guy is the bad guy. That’s at the heart of his argument. Don’t be fooled about the argument of legal/illegal immigration, that’s just window dressing; no, Todd is butt hurt that the angry white nationalist, alt-right/Nazi/white supremacist is the bad guy.

If this is how Mr. Starnes felt about white injustice then where was his outrage when Superman put boots to Lex Luthor? You would think that such an upstanding moral beacon like Mr. Starnes would be highly offended by Supes roughing up an egotistical, megalomaniacal, ultra-wealthy, corrupt business man, who requires a bad hair piece to cover up his bald head. (Remind of you anyone that might live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?)

Starnes article is nothing more than a fluffed up hit job, trying desperately to seem relevant by taking a pot shot at a pop cultural icon. To complain about who Superman saves is an all-time low. Are we really about to have an argument over the gender/age/race/legal status of potential victims to gun violence? Does Mr. Starnes believe that protection should only be provided to those who share his own skin color? Racial background? Sex?  Where does Todd draw the line on who gets saved? Who put Todd in charge?

Mr. Starnes outrage over Superman saving these “illegal immigrants” leaves me to own assumption that presumably Todd would prefer that Superman stand idly by while nameless white guy murders a crowd of innocent civilians? Maybe it’s Todd’s wet dream that Superman would pick up an automatic weapon and join the gunman in his killing spree of all these nasty brown people. One can only assume what Todd’s real goal here is.

I’m guessing that Mr. Starnes will not read this rebuttal. I’m sure that he will be too busy hyping up his next slanted news piece. But Mr. Starnes needs to be aware that he unmasked himself today as a racist and a bigot. To openly advocate for violence against a group is at the heart of bigotry. Todd you’re a bigot. Those that agree with Mr. Starnes are bigoted. It cannot be tolerated.

While Todd may not read this editorial, our visitors and readers will. This is a chance to pause and reflect on how we as fans, creators, and human beings plan to proceed forward as our medium/industry/hobby falls under this kind of perverse scrutiny. We must not allow our artists and writers to become censored in the content they provide. While I wholeheartedly support a creators ability to give voice to those points of view that are undesirable and sometimes despicable; we must not allow ourselves to accept this dialogue to become commonplace. Fictional stories about fictional characters is one thing, but when hatred and division begins to weasel their way into our comics from the outside world… well Negan from The Walking Dead said it best… “I will shut that shit DOWN!”

As for Todd and his ilk; if this is truly who and what you are then you need to pack up your shit. Leave your long boxes and back issues at the door and hit the road! The comic book industry doesn’t need you as fans, we don’t want you as fellow fans, and you don’t deserve to call yourselves comic book fans. Because if you can read stories about heroes and their acts of bravery, selflessness, and how to be the best version of humanity possible; only to turn around and have hatred in your hearts… then you just don’t get it and you never will.

I hereby revoke Todd Starnes’ Nerd Card and all pop culture credentials. You are an outcast of the geek culture and a stain on the undershorts of humanity.



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