Writer: Caleb Monroe
Artist: Marianna Navarro
Colors: Gabriel Cassata
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Created By: David Henry


Premise: A young, would be illusionist attempts to fill his mentor’s shoes. But when you’re a product of the foster care system trying to live on your own, there are only so many good decisions one can make before a bad one screws everything up.

Allow me to rant for a second. I really hate making up these premises, because I never know if I’m offending the writer by getting it wrong. To anyone looking to be a comic book creator, please note that a short premise is just as important as the credits. When a book at the bookstore peaks your interest, what’s the first thing you do when you pick it up? Flip it over and read the premise! It gives the reader a heads up on what to expect. Side note, this rant is a “build up” of reviewing several comics, not just a reflection on this one. Okay, end of rant.

Rant aside, “Cloaks” is very brilliant piece of work! The colors are soft and slightly muted, giving the overall feel a classic look. And it matches the story plot’s temperature: cool and relaxed. Nothing about this comic screams “DEAR GOD, WATCH OUT! HE’S GOT A GUN!!! BLAM!!!” Even with the action scenes, the mood still suggests that everything is under control. I really appreciated this in a world of comics where everything is “Hey, something is happening right now, you have to read this or someone will die!” Boom Studios did a really great job keeping me interested without raising my blood pressure (ie: great balance!)

The writing and story plot is pretty good as well. If I had to describe Cloaks, it would be a lighter toned version of the story of Robin from DC’s Batman. I can genuinely say that I am looking forward to reading what happens within the next three issues!

Rating 4/5

By Tyrone Selby

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