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At this year’s EB Games Expo 2016, XBox made their way on stage with their magnificent introduction showcasing a series of amazing game content by Microsoft At the Poppin’ Popcorn Area. Jeremy Hinton from XBox Australia entered the stage first, he was getting the audience exited about the new games XBox are releasing before Christmas and the all-new XBox One S.

Forza Horizon 3 : Australian Edition, available now Mike Brown from Playground games introduced this driving game that is set in Australia. It showcases Australia’s outback terrains. Brown proudly mentions that the map is true to form, not to forget that it includes Aussie iconic cars such as V8s Holden HSV and Ford Falcon XR8, 1974 Holden Sandman HQ Panel Van to name a few. In the gameplay, Brown mentioned how fans get a kick out of the Bucket List Blueprint, this feature allows players to initiate a challenge as well as their car to a friends. It actually enables players to share from friend to friend.
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Dead Rising 4, To be released December 6th. Joe Nicholls from Capcom talks addresses the fans about giving the adventure involving Frank on his tenth anniversary of killing zombies and talk about new cool things to celebrate such an anniversary. One key new feature is Frank’s new exo-suit which gives him super-human strength enough to rip parking meters out of the ground and to used as weapons. Joe also explains the different classes of zombies in Dead Rising 4; you have the Regular Zombies (or Jobbers!), Fresh Zombies which are recently infected and are not as dumb as regular zombies lastly you have the Evos which are sophisticated zombies (listen, to ya’self Dodgy!?) which are trackers – like raptors from jurassic park which are tougher to kill than your normal zombies, hence the Exo-suit. As Jack loves to take selfies for social media purposes, there is a new camera view called ‘Selfie Mode!’use is new, selfie mode as Jack likes social media.

Gears of War 4, to be released October 11th, October 7th if you order online! Chuck Osieja from the Coalition addresses fans of the fourth instalment of the shoot-em-up GOW franchise and it focuses on the son of Marcus J.D and his friends. There is a terrible swarm on its way and J.D needs to ask help from his father and old man Marcus is back and he is playable. Not only is the gameplay a Third-Person Shooting, if you allow your enemies to get close enough you can use combat mode with weapons such as knives to stab your enemies. Execution drop shot is another new feature. Game play mode was introduced based on feedback from interviewing fans to better understand what they wanted from the game. Maps will be introduced to download for free. Broadcasters mode to fans watching competitions.

Finally Phil Spencer, head of Xbox graced the stage. He mentioned it was his first time in Australia, he has known of the passion Aussies possess in the gaming world – thanks to the internet and most importantly Xbox Live. Spencer talked about his longevity in the industry and how he’s been with Xbox since day one and how his job is not a job. It is celebrating gaming as a platform shared with friends and family. He also went on to mention, he visited his competitors at the EB Expo and was surprised at how warmly he was welcomed with friendliness by Sony and Nintendo, as opposed to strict competition. He jokingly announced the reason for creating the Xbox One S, based on fan responses in particular ‘Mr Spencer, why is the Xbox One the same size as my father’s old VCR?’ You heard it from the man’s mouth, newer Xbox games will work with both Xbox One and Xbox One S, the difference with Xbox One S (besides the size) is the 4K TV compatibility so the picture will look sharper even for TV streaming ie: Netflix, etc. Spencer also answered previously listed feedback for the the reason for Cross-Play, making games for Microsoft PC as well as Xbox in order for both types of gamers can play the same game and play against each other without compromise.


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