REVIEW: Elements of Light #1

Elements of Light #1
Created by: Tyrone Selby
Written by: Tyrone Selby
Art by: Krishna And Balram Banajeree

Synopsis: In Verum, there is very little that isn’t possible. In this fantastic world, magic and science combine to for a unique amalgam that helps to shatter more boundaries. Aydan, a young alchemist, fully intends to use this combination to his benefit and that of his homeworld.

The very first thing you’ll notice about this comic is the artwork. It is, quite frankly, impressive. The colors are well done; vibrant but not distracting.

The second thing you’ll likely notice is the unrelenting action. And I do mean unrelenting. But that’s a good thing; Krishna’s and Balram’s artwork is appropriate for the genre. Like I said earlier, the colors are bright and alive and the action scenes really highlight the duo’s talent.

We catch up with runsemith Aydan and his companion Dr. Monroe in the middle of a hunt for the saliva of a Dracuun; a fire-breathing beast native to Verum. The relationship is rife with unrequited attraction and Selby does a good job of hinting at the tension between the two through emotional outbursts and back and forth bickering.

As for the world of Verum itself, the scale of world-building that the comic’s creators have undertaken is grand. While we’ve only be introduced to the kingdom of Neli and it’s demanding King Basour, the implications for a globe-hopping adventure are all there: a court in need, young wards in search of glory, and of course that whole unlimited potential aspect.

With that said, if you’re a fan of anime, manga, or traditional RPGs, then this book is definitely for you. Elements of Light feels like a combination of all of those genres, a technique that is often tried, but not always well executed. Selby and his team have managed to beat the curve with this one.


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