REVIEW: Kill or Be Killed #9

A wonderful narrative, dark hard-hitting art, and a smooth, violent, intriguing storyline. Kill or Be Killed issue 9 will have you backtracking to the previous issues if this is your jumping on point. Written by Ed Brubaker. The way he writes this story makes it seem like it was from personal experience. No wonder it was nominated for four Eisner awards. It’s some mighty fine writing. Art by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser move this determined story along through its crazy twists and turns. What a read. You’ll want to start at issue one with this one readers but if you’re just hopping on now that’s okay. Although there will be this nagging feeling in the back of your mind wondering what happened prior to this issue and trust me, it’s worth the backlog.

Following Dylan, vigilante importou killer. He’s now a wanted man, although his identity is still a secret, the city is on high alert. The series started off intense and here we are on issue nine and if feels like things are now just heating up after they’ve been burning for the previous eight issues. Dylan is on the run from the police, the russian mob, a demon who demands a kill every month or he’ll take Dylan’s soul and his personal coping between killing and his personal life. The way Brubaker narrates Dylan and the other characters is pure eye gold. You won’t be able to look away from this one readers. This story is a hook that gets its readers and reels them in. It is a mature reader comic so it has plenty of violence, sex, and adult themed stories. It’s definitely a wonderful story to tell in this mature tone. All the memory flashbacks hit right on the realistic head and blends beautifully in with the story. I can’t wait for the next issue. It’s a comic that keeps the reader guessing and hungry for more.

With a perfect balance of storytelling, unique art and a crazy way of Dylan looking at the world, this comic is definitely a pick up from the comic store. If you like your comics rated R and you enjoy an intense story that is totally unpredictable from page to page, then this book is for you. Everything is great, the art, the highly realistic characters, and the personal struggle of Dylan. It’s comic gold and I’m glad this one didn’t slip by me. Kill or Be Killed gets five out of five stars.

Story: Ed Brubaker
Art: Elizabeth Breitweiser, Sean Phillips
Cover: Sean Phillips

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