EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #2

If you’re new to the Hasbro Universe or a long-time fan, this book is for you! Featuring a veritable TON of bios on your favorite characters, from E to O, plus papercraft projects, a map of Metrotitan, the current base of Optimus Prime, and an exclusive story featuring Kup and Bryce Chan’s adventures in London!

Written by today’s top Hasbro U talent including John BarberAubrey SittersonChris RyallDavid MariotteBrandon EastonCullen BunnMairghread Scott, and Jimmy Johnston with Art by some of today’s top Hasbro Universe artists including Robert AtkinsGuido GuidiSimon GoughMarcelo FerreiraFico Ossio, and Jack Lawrence!

Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #2
John Barber & various (w) • Robert Atkins & various (a) • Fico Ossio (c)

FC • 48 pages • $4.99


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