Crossovers I’d like to see.

I remember the nineties. If you didn’t have a crossover with Batman you were nothing. Oh sure, the X-Men met the Enterprise crew, the Punisher almost killed Archie but when Dredd met Batman shit got real.

Crossovers were one of the best things comics could do. Nowhere else would you see Superman fight the Alien or Robocop battle terminators, these things rarely happened in film and virtually never happened across company in animation. But in comics you can establish the Doctor is in the Marvel universe, at least for a story.

All this comes off the back of the recent review I did of Star Trek and Green Lantern which despite sounding like the noise a teenager would make finding Kelly Brook tied to their bed, covered in chocolate spread and sporting a come hither look, was startlingly dull. You see something should happen in every issue of a crossover. Part of the point of a crossover in the first place is the novelty value of two IP’s colliding and not being bogged down with plot and piffle. The ideal setup in your perfect crossover should run setting, meeting, crises, something cool, cliffhanger resolution held together with a simple story and uber cool moments created from the sheer awesome of two fun things slamming together like Optimus Prime and Skelitor in the hands of child to whom “cannon” is something on the side of the Lego pirate ship that Barbie is sailing. Trek Lantern tried to squeeze the entirety of two mythologies into one story rather than cherry picking the cool bits and working with them.

Tragically crossovers between DC and Marvel are no more, which is a shame, but hope springs eternal with Batman meeting the Ninja Turtles happening recently, Marvel are going to want to defrost that slice of pie again soon. I’m genuinely hoping for the DC/Marvel Lego movie/game, I would go to a midnight launch for that.

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