Faith Manages: How do I reach these keeeeds…

Looks like we have to go through this again. Doing another column piece to make up for the fact that frankly reading individual issues of anything out of context is slow twist of the scrotum.

It’s a trend these days that writers are writing for trades, there’s no denying it comics have gone long form in a big way. But the format simply doesn’t support this trend.

I recently read Civil War 2 in trade, it was great, it made sense, there were a couple of bits that felt a bit wobbly but nothing that out right jumped the shark. But if you listen to the poor sods who read it in 22 page installments with a month in between alongside everything else they read in the same format no wonder it got lost in the mix. Add to that it’s yet another event that was named Civil War 2 for a bit of advertising and everyone took the stick out their arse and curled one-off on it. Which it doesn’t deserve.

Image especially write for the trade and fuck does it show. Just tried to read East of West which I instinctively know is a good comic, the art looks great I love me some Hickman but without the recap, forget it. I couldn’t be more lost than a republican at a women’s rites rally. But in a trade? I bet it’s great.

Recaps, the bane of my comic life, two sentences of what it’s all about and two for a last issue, it’s not hard.

Again, the floppy needs to fuck off, the business model needs to fall in line with how prose books sell and digital needs to be taken into account, like right NOW!

I’m finding enthusiasm for individual issues really difficult to drum up. Part of me dreads what’s going to be in my dropbox because I know it can be really unfair to review a tiny part of a huge story, so please Industry people, if you are going to create an epic oeuvre, sack off the floppy yeah?

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