FAN FILM: BATMAN – DANTE (by Chris .R. Notarile)

As told through the eyes of a heroin addict, a homeless man, named Dante, witnesses Gotham’s Dark Knight stop a crime, but what he sees is terrifying beyond even his own comprehension.


I wrote the script for DANTE back in 2010, and believe it or not, all it actually is, is a page and a half of dialog. Seriously. No descriptions, no scene details, just the monologue for Dante. Everything else was improvised on the spot.

I knew from the beginning that I did not want to glorify Batman in any way whatsoever. I wanted him to be as scary and as visually threatening as possible. So I gave him the horror treatment and portrayed him like a classic horror slasher. Since the story was going to be told through the eyes of a drug addict, I knew it would be easier to sell this idea since Batman isn’t the focus of the story- Dante is. And since it was Dante’s perception of Batman, I was able to give the character a much darker depiction than other incarnations.

One of the main reasons why I avoided making this film for so long was that I did not feel I was able to produce a Batsuit that met the standards I set for myself, with a shoestring budget. So for 6 years, I shelved the project….. that is until Zack Santiago posted a photo of himself in the 1989 Keaton Batsuit. Literally, on a whim, I messaged Zack and demanded/begged him to come out to LA and do a Batman movie with me, in that costume. Michael Keatons’ Batman shaped my childhood, just as I’m sure he shaped many Batfans. And my inner seven year old would kill me if I passed up a chance to utilize that suit in one of my own films.

Thankfully, David Mosser of Marvels by Mosser, who owned the costume, was gracious enough to allow Zack, and subsequently myself, usage of his amazing costume. The next step was of course getting Zack (who lived in Orlando) out to LA.

I started a GoFundMe and by the grace of Zeus, we managed to raise enough cash to fly Zack out to film. And when he first put on that costume, my inner seven year old screamed for joy.

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