FAN FILM: “Justice League: Crisis” Final Trailer


Well here we are, the final trailer for Justice League: Crisis. As I said in the description of the previous two trailers, this is loosely based on the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline, but my take on it. If this were a real storyline, this would be a FLASH storyline, he would be the main focus and most likely the reason for the black hole being opened.

I also used new colour correction techniques on this trailer, so if you see a shot and think “that looks more colourful” then that’s why. Let me know if it works!

Before you ask “where is [insert character name]”, I wanted to include everyone, believe me. But with the older shows not being in HD, it becomes very difficult to include all incarnations. It’s actually quite difficult to find useable quality clips of Smallville and Lois & Clark unless you have them on DVD like myself.

Synopsis: “As a singularity opens connecting different universes, heroes scattered across these dimensions must join forces to defeat their united villains.”

Thank you to Adeel of Steel for several scenes:…

Thank you to AListProduction for several scenes:…

Hi-Finesse – Play Prelude to the Apocalypse
Tom Player – Takedown
In for the Kill – Ghostwriter
Really Slow Motion – Bionic Souls
Hi-Finesse – Butterfly Effect
Hi-Finesse – Vantage

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