Imagine if 1990′s Rob Zombie had some guns, and starred in a bloody Dick Tracy movie. That’s what you get in Jesse V. Johnson’s Lobo, a fan made short inspired by DC Comics’ fav character.

Watch as Lobo – played by Jerry Trimble jr. – blasts through a horde of mafia bros. It’s got tons of VFX gore and Lobo looks pretty cool.

It does, however, put in perspective how fun a Lobo movie could be.

Lobo – Jerry Trimble jr.
Cast: Michael Pare, Dennis Keifer, TJ Rotolo, Joshua Lang, Johanna Braddy, Violet Boudicca.
Stunt Coordinator: Luke Lafontaine.
Stunts: Johnny Yang.
DP: HC Van Urfalian.
Edited: Joshua Lang.
VFX: Natalia Wong.
Production Design: Melissa Alexandria Long.
Make Up Effects: Shaun Smith.
Wardrobe: Erica Howard
Asst. Wardrobe: Ally Greven.
Sound design: Daniel Newman.
Executive Producer: Kailey Alexis Marsh.
Director: JVJ

Lobo® is a registered trademark of DC Comics. Used without permission. This film has no affiliation, endorsement, or adoption with DC Comics or any of its related corporate entities.



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