Go! Go! Power Rangers bootleg! Holy shit! Did you catch the fan ultra-violent well-scripted fan film “POWER/RANGERS” created by Adi Shanker with director, Joseph Kahn.
As someone who was 5 years old when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came on TV, and grew up watching it, I was totally blown away by this film, as a now 26 year old. The property was taken to the extreme and clearly made to target adults like myself, who keep this show near and dear to their heart. The show was made for children, yes, we get that. But hear is what makes this “bootleg” adult version so amazing… All the freaking kids that gave that show an audience back in 1993 are the people who were targeted as an audience. Not to mention, the people who made the damn thing were probably watching this show way back when as children themselves.
Backlash from the original actors popped all over the internet… Admit it, originals, you were just mad because nobody called you. Guys, you really need to realize that you made that show special for an entire generation. Stop trashing this fan film and just be honored that the people who gave a shit about your show as kids still care.
See it below:

Wait a minute… was that the dude from Dawson’s Creek as the interrogation officer?

Adi Shankar Presents a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Bootleg Film By Joseph Kahn.

Source SpinOff Online


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