FAN FILM: Red Hood: Retcon Series Trailer

The long awaited Red Hood Retcon official trailer is finally here! Its taken a very long time for me to put it all together but I believe it was worth the wait. They will officially start the Kickstarter very soon so be sure to subscribe and check back for updates. Retcon will be a you tube mini series based on Jason Todd after his second return to Gotham City many years later.

After experimenting for the past two and a half years with trailers and test footage, filmmakers Luke Watson and David Sartin have decided to “get serious” about their Red Hood Retcon web series. To that end, they’ve launched a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign to transform the fanproject into “a legitimate web series.”

A glance at some of the earlier trailers and clips shows just what the two have been able to accomplish without any real budget. But with $20,000, they plan to tell the story of Jason Todd’s return to Gotham after a lengthy absence to investigate the disappearance of Batman.

“Our story begins many years after Jason Todd’s resurrection,” the filmmakers explain in their campaign video. “This is going to be a much older and experienced version of Jason Todd. In fact, our story is completely original, and has never been told.”

Disclaimer***This is a fan-made web series created for fun. No commercial infringement is intended against DC Comics or Warner Bros.

A big thanks to Yokohama2000 for letting me use his awesome aerial city shots. Go check out his channel for more amazing footage.…

Song used: Quiet Slumber – Creepy Music Box…

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Jason Todd/ Red Hood character name and likeness are all owned by DC Comics; a subsidiary of Warner Bros.

Filmed on Sony A7S and Sony NEX-VG 20

Adobe Premere Pro

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