Fantagraphics Books Makes Coloring Book Pages of the World’s Most Fanta*stic Heroes to Help Fans Order ALL TIME COMICS

In advance of the March publication date of its new shared superhero universe, ALL TIME COMICS, Fantagraphics has created four coloring book pages now available as downloadable PDFs from the company’s website. The coloring book pages feature artwork of the new ALL TIME COMICS superheroes Atlas, Blind Justice, Bullwhip, and Crime Destroyer by underground comics artist and teacher Josh Bayer, Ben Marra (TERROR ASSAULTER: O.M.W.O.T.), Al Milgrom (co-creator of Firestorm), and some of the last work of Herb Trimpe, who co-created Wolverine.

Fantagraphics, the publisher of the world’s greatest cartoonists, has also created a Guide to ALL TIME COMICS with more fun facts and background details on each of the series’ four main heroes, which were inspired by the comics writer and co-creator Josh Bayer grew up reading. “We wanted to create characters and a world that are an amalgamation of all the things we loved about comics when we were kids,” says Bayer. ALL TIME COMICS is the joint venture of Josh Bayer and his brother, acclaimed director Samuel Bayer, who launched his career 25 years ago with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video.

“ALL TIME COMICS is not a parody, and it’s not an homage. Rather, our characters really embody the best of old-school comics and contemporary storytelling,” continues Josh Bayer. “Atlas is a 1940s’ era hero and our Golden Age figure. Bullwhip started as an homage to the Silver Age of comics, but she involved into something else entirely. Crime Destroyer is emblematic of the kind of hero fans embraced post-Vietnam. Blind Justice is our modern era antihero who is trying, in vain, to function even while his identity collapses in on itself. He is the Man Who walks Through Bullets.”

ALL TIME COMICS pairs classic artists like the late Trimpe and Milgrom together with younger artists like Marra and Noah Van Sciver (DISQUIET), while covers by acclaimed cartoonists Jim Rugg (STREET ANGEL) Johnny Ryan (PRISON PIT) and Tony Millionaire (DRINKY CROW) bring a retro-cool look and feed to the comics.

“Readers are encouraged to print the ALL TIME COMICS coloring book pages, which include the order code for CRIME DESTROYER #1, JAN171762, and take them to their local comic shop to request orders,” said Fantagraphics’ Jason Miles. “We’d love it if readers tweet out pictures of their colored pages using #alltimecomics.”

The oversized first issue of ALL TIME COMICS: CRIME DESTROYER issue 1 will be released in March, and will retail for $4.99, and subsequent standard size issues will retail for $3.99.

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