GAME REVIEW: Fenix Furia – The Side Scroller Puzzler

Like any side scrolling puzzle games, this can be a test. Is it a test of puzzle solving abilities? Or is it a test of how long can you last dying multiple times before you fall victim to the game? I can tell you after playing this game that I did not give in. However, that’s not to say that there were moments where I questioned my own existence in solving what I thought to be simple at first glance. Needless to say I was incredible humbled.

Fenix Furia, created by Green Lava Studios is a puzzle filled side scrolling adventure platform game on both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. For this review I did play it on the Xbox One, so for all of you PS4 gamers out there, this review is still worth staying for.


At a glance, one would think that “oh this is such an easy game I can do this in a quick hour.” However, as two or three hours have passed, there’s a chance you may still be working on the same level as you stretch the bounds of your patience. That being said, while this game can at times, drive you absolutely insane, its gameplay and controls are so simple that it’s difficult to not put down the controller. If you take a few moments to look through the achievements on this game, you’ll see one distinct detail that will give you one amazing tip into the game. You will die, and you will die a lot. I’m not even exaggerating on how much you will die. Just in the couple of hours that I started playing the game I racked up a minuscule amount of 194 deaths.

Granted I thought that was a lot until I saw  the achievements list, and you can earn those if you end up dying thousands of times. All of a sudden it made me realize that I was doing relatively ok.


This game does have a story with it, which I came to appreciate more than I originally thought that I would. Like most side scrolling games, you will go into them and just try to finish each level in the fastest amount of time and complete them. But with Fenix Furia, you come to discover that there’s more to it than that. The main character is Fenix, a survivor of a village who was struck by tragedy as the village was destroyed by a mysterious character that Fenix then is on a quest to hunt down and avenge the loss of his village. Like any other hero looking for vengeance, his chase will cause his world as he knows it to be thrown into a battle of survival.


The levels on the game are beautifully drawn, and the character models are fluid and full of color, with a fantastic soundtrack to keep your blood pumping as you become fully engulfed in completing each level faster than your friends. Controlling Fenix is a very simple task, by only really using the left thumb stick to move him, and a jump and dash button that will allow the players to maneuver through the levels to move on to the next. Of course there has to be additional objectives, and what are those objectives might you ask? Well If you didn’t love getting cookies before, you will in this game. The addictive drive and desire to collect them all, at least for me, will motivate them to really push the limits and get the cookie from each level.

All in all the graphics were gorgeous, the controls were easy, and the replay value is there with trying to beat your friends times for each level and striving to be the best in the world. This game is totally worth every penny of the $14.99 price tag, and with a two player mode, you can sit down with your friends and work together to complete the levels, and discover the identity of the mysterious figure that destroyed Fenix’s home. Never give up, prepare to die… a lot, and enjoy the game as much as I have.


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