First Look Trailer: Nacon GC-400ES eSports Gamepad Announced

Nacon, in a move confirming its commitment for continuous improvement of the gaming peripheral landscape, has announced the beginning of the next generation of game pads. The Nacon GC-400ESis designed with competitive play at its very core: this e-Sports-focused device is fully customizable and equipped to overcome the challenges naturally met when playing a keyboard/mouse title using a pad.

This gaming revolution begins today! Nacon has launched a worldwide crowdfunding campaign over on INDIEGOGO.COM to help finalize the GC-400ES controller project.

Find out more about the GC-400ES controller on  INDIEGOGO.COM !

Gamers can help to make this project a reality by acquiring the new Nacon GC-400ES at a very special campaign price. Additionally, backers can participate as campaign ambassadors in our referral program on Indiegogo, earning exclusive gifts by recommending and sharing the crowdfunding campaign with their friends and communities.

Can you imagine your gaming experience in MOBAs like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm or Smite – or even competitive shooters like Counter Strike: Global Offensive – without the keyboard and mouse? Thanks to the NaconGC-400ES: Alpha Pad and its Keyboard/Mouse mode, we could see the next LoL champions at Gamergy wielding game pads in their hands.

GC400ES1 GC400ES2 GC400ES3 GC400ES4 GC400ES5 GC400ES6

Among others, the main Nacon GC-400ES highlights features are:

  • Careful ergonomic design, providing comfort and improving speed, facilitating combos.
  • Incorporates a customizable weight control, tweaked with six weights ranging from 10-17g.
  • An innovative structure to the right stick, increasing performance and gameplay possibilities.
  • Exclusive software developed to provide greater accuracy, rivalling a traditional mouse for gamers.
  • Compatible with all games, incorporates upgradeable software to follow the evolution of video games, in addition to macro customization.
  • Two game modes: Classic PC (D-Input / X-Input) and Pro Gamer mode focused on MOBAs and shooter games.
  • Four game profiles: In the eSports mode, you can customize up to four profiles in the internal memory of the game pad without software installation, just Plug and Play.

Nacon’s crowdfunding campaign starts TODAY on INDIEGOGO.COM!

Visit the official Nacon GC-400ES web page to get all videos and project details.

Stay tuned and follow up the project in real time on Twitter through the hashtag #NaconMakers

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