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G’Day Crusaders,

If you haven’t listened to Flipside Focus Episode 8 yet, please do so now, click HERE, And for those who did, you’d know my #IndieOG pick was Destroyer Duck.

Published by Eclipse Comics in 1982, Destroyer Duck was created by Steve Gerber with art by Jack Kirby – maybe The Kings’ lesser known work. The pair wrote and illustrated issues 1-5 with issues 5 and 6 were written by Buzz Dixon and illustrated by Gary Kato.
Like other famous animated ducks, Duke Duck is an anthropomorphic duck who lives in a world where all animals walk and talk – just like us! From the opening issues of number 1, we see Duke knocking down a few pints of brew with his buddies until he gets into a tussle with an aggressive boar where Duke shows him the bottom on his glass – yes, literally! He’s someone you don’t wanna duck with, he is a war vet and later a law man and things change when a door knocks that change the story forever!

The Little Guy, flew to the dimension ruled by pink primates (humans) where animals don’t like they do in Duke’s world. For TLG who was a talking duck, he was succomed to years of torture and abuse that ranged from long hours of stage shows and cruel operations. He escaped and when declaring his ordeal to Duke before his lasf breath.. Destroyer Duck was born.. Duke flies into action dimension hopping for revenge to those bullied The Little Guy.

As you may know Gerber was the creator of Howad the Duck ten years earlier for Marvel Comics, frustration brewed as Howard was being made into a motion picture with interests by Lucas Studios without any involvement with the creator. Gerber tried to sue Marvel to take Howard back as his creator-owned project and as Marvel declined to budge, Destroyer Duck was made as the profits were to support fundings for the lawsuit. Issues of Destroyer Duck were sporadically published as opposed to a steady routine. This also meant fewer copies can be found.

This is the movie George Lucas and Marvel tried to eliminate from their memories.
If you liked the movie, please share your thoughts!

The current fill incarnation of Howard the Duck from Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014.

Crusaders, have you read Destoyer Duck? Or his cousin Howard? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below!

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