Flipside Fedex: Oz Comic Con Special 2016

Another year has past as I was able to attend my third consecutive Oz Comic Con, and Oz Comic Con in Sydney 2016 was different as this was my first as media. And I’m excited to share my OCC experience with our fellow Crusaders…

Located in Sydney Australia on Glebe Island you are invited to bird’s eye view of the Sydney landmark, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. To get to OCC 2016 fans flocked by bus or ferry to see the spectacle, the special guest appearances of actors such as Karl Urban, Robert Englund had fans lining up for the anticipation.

Being the nerd I am I was most interested in meeting the voice actors Maggie Roswell from The Simpsons, she voices Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, Miss Hoover and Luann Van Houten (Milhouse’s Mom). Hal Rayle who voiced Raphael from the 1980’s TMNT cartoon and Transfomers characters Snarl and Shrapnel. The iconic voice actor for me was Charles Martinet who is the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi, known as the voice of Nintendo.

I felt most at ease when I’m in my homestead surrounded with the colored display loaded with creativity and that is Artist Alley, the greatest spectacle for comic creators and fans alike. Where fans can watch with admiration while an artist is sketching an art piece or when you listen to a writer as they describe their creation, there is nothing like it. I pleased to meet again Ryan K Linday, for the first time in person Darren Kozoil from Dark Oz http://www.darkoz.com.au/decay.html and Ben Slabak from Cloud 9 Comix http://www.cloud9comix.com and other indie creators and artists.

My Ryan K Lindsay Haul:

Myself and writer of Exilium Ben Slabak, my Infocus pick in Flipside Focus ep 8.

Myself and Darren Kozoil from Dark Oz and my pick ups:



Books from Brendan Halyday:

What struck me after leaving OCC, was the number of creators I met last year whom I purchased their books who were not there this year.

Chexk out this White Walker by artist Austen Mengler:

Here are some other visuals from around Oz Comic Con Sydney 2016:

What con would it be without the spectacle of Cosplaying?.. well it wouldn’t be a con would it? Well here you are:

Thank you to the team at Oz Comic Con and hope to be there again next year. By the way, check out this awesome view right outside the doors of OCC2016!20160910_143513

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