From Cosplay to COVID—an immigrant’s origin story from Yaya Han!

Cosplay has become one of the hottest trends in fandom, and Yaya Han is its shining superstar. Widely regarded as the most influential figure in the world of cosplay, Yaya Han brings her 20 plus years of experience in fandom costuming to this new book, Yaya Han’s World of Cosplay: A Guide to Fandom Costume Culture.

Join Yaya as she narrates her journey from newbie fan to entrepreneur with a household name in the geek community, revealing her self-taught methods for embodying a character     and     creating     more     than     350     costumes     along     the      way. Each chapter is information-packed as she covers everything from the history of cosplay, to the pitfalls and joys of navigating this complex community, to the ways cosplay is evolving into a commercial industry—all enhanced with expert advice.

Illustrated with dazzling costumed images  and candid snapshots, Yaya delights  with fascinating stories from the past decades’ global cosplay boom. “Cosplay has shaped my life and influenced it in every way possible,” Han writes. “I’m immensely grateful for the chance to pour all of my passion for this art form into one book, as well as tell my personal story of crossing oceans as a first generation immigrant and living a very weird vibrant American dream. Hopefully this book is insightful, entertaining and perhaps a little inspiring to you.”

Yaya Han’s World of Cosplay: A Guide to Fandom Costume Culture is part memoir, part history, and part crafting guide, and makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in learning (or improving their skills in) the art of cosplay.
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About the Book:

Yaya Han’s World of Cosplay: A Guide to Fandom Costume Culture By Yaya Han
Sterling |  Trade Paperback |  $24.95 Pub  Date:  August  4,  2020
ISBN: 9781454932659

About the Author:

Yaya Han is a cosplayer, designer, and entrepreneur. She was featured in the first Network TV show about cosplay, Syfy channel’s Heroes of Cosplay and was a Producer for the Documentary film Cosplay Universe. Yaya became the first cosplayer to design cosplay- focused products for global in-store mass retail under her own brand name. She has more than two million Facebook followers and 500,000 Instagram followers. She lives in Atlanta, GA.